International meeting

International Meeting is postponed due to coronavirus!

We are still committed to the meeting and the aim is to host it in 2021. However, due to the current situation it is not possible to set a date just yet. We will keep you informed.

Buitenzijde met de muur van Werk IV

“Towards a Sustainable Future: Managing Change in Historic Urban Areas and the Surrounding Landscape” Bussum (Fort Werk IV), the Netherlands

The Defence Line of Amsterdam and the proposed extension the New Dutch Water Line are organising an international meeting to get answers on the question how to deal with urban and/or development pressure on the city/landscape of World Heritage properties, like for example the Defence Line of Amsterdam.

Case studies

There are ongoing discussions concerning (World Heritage) cities facing challenges due to dynamic urban development, but what about the cultural landscapes, the areas that connect the cities and the landscapes around them? These landscapes are under pressure (e.g. housing quotas, infrastructure and recreation). Climate change and energy transition are issues which will change the spatial quality. How can a dynamic environment be combined with maintaining the (World) heritage values or even enhancing them? During the meeting we would like to use case studies and discussion to highlight the challenges and potential strategies on how to deal with it. The intention is to discuss these challenges on various levels and various practices, e.g. policy making, planning, design. If we want to deal with them effectively, we should work towards an integrated approach.

The meeting has three main aims:

  • Raise awareness regarding the issue of urban and/or development pressure on the city/landscape;
  • Share knowledge with people who are involved in other (potential) World Heritage sites;
  • Working towards a strategy on how to deal with these challenges in the best way possible.

At the end of the meeting we would like to have a statement on heritage in high dynamic areas: what are the do’s and don’ts, how to manage dynamics and perspectives in these areas, what kind of development is possible and how do you enforce the (world) heritage values and spatial quality in the same time?

More information

More information you can find in the invitation letter by the Chair of the Dutch Water Defence Lines Committee;  and the background paper. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Mr Rein Kruk: Keep an eye on this page as new information will be added .

You can find all documents in the library of the meeting.

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